Meet our compassionate warriors - the backbone of change and impact.

Meet the dedicated individuals behind our charity organization. Each team member brings unique skills, experiences, and passion to our mission, united by a shared commitment to transforming lives and uplifting communities. Learn about the backgrounds and roles of our staff members, volunteers, and board members to understand how their collective efforts drive our organization forward. We’re proud to work together in pursuit of a brighter, more equitable future for all.

  • Esther Mbiakop

    Founder of Nkoni Maryland Esther Mbiakop

  • Viki Pafe

    President Viki Pafe

  • Solange Nana

    Vice President Solange Nana

  • Mavern Claudine Njike

    Chief Adviser Mavern Claudine Njike

  • Vivian Njosa

    Secretary General Vivian Njosa

  • Stella Achidi

    Adviser Stella Achidi

  • Gladys Etti

    Adviser Gladys Etti

  • Colette Njosa

    Chief Whip Colette Njosa

  • Eveline Martin

    Powerhouse Treasurer Eveline Martin

  • Anne Tabi

    Financial Secretary Anne Tabi

  • Christy Tabi

    Financial Secretary Christy Tabi

  • Marie Pendie

    Financial Secretary Marie Pendie

  • Bernadette Ngengwe

    Social Secretary Bernadette Ngengwe

  • Grace Ntowe

    Social Secretary Grace Ntowe

  • Nicole Fuondjing

    Social Secretary Nicole Fuondjing

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